Webuy Cex Review

Having been a loyal customer as cex for many years I am disappointed that years of custom means nothing to cex.

Recently I brought a Samsung S6 gold 32GB from one of their stores and weeks later ghosting appeared on the screen so I asked cex to repair or replace it and they refused and stated that would only buy it back, so I Lost £70 (proof will be uploaded shortly)

About a year ago I brought a Samsung S7 edge from their Ashford Branch in Kent 24 hours after use the phone stopped working the phone went off during use and then it wouldn’t come back on or charge

I brought a Samsung S8 from their Surrey branch and I get it home to discover that the Samsung health app wouldn’t work and a notification came up saying the phone had been compromised (rooted) I returned it and they said they would only give me a voucher or a replacement

I took it to Samsung who confirmed that it had been rooted and they quoted me for a repair and repaired it for me at a cost. I couldn’t be without a phone as I have panic attacks and need my phone for support.

I brought a HTC for my partner and brought it via the cex website www.uk.webuy.com and it claimed it was grade A but the camera was scratched returned it and tried to buy several others and all of them had to go back because they were more like grade C passed off as Grade B with scratches across the screen and lots of marks on the casing

When it comes to honouring their CeX 24-month warranty they hardly ever do

They never want to repair the device, if they do offer they will hold on to it for a few weeks while the price goes down and then offer you a voucher for the current selling price

We have had faulty batteries, 1 recent Nokia 8210 came and wouldn’t power on or charge and they wouldn’t provide a replacement or repair and where not even willing to send the battery they had in stock

Selling in is worse, I’ve had them buy something from me and graded it as a C grade and sell it the next day in the same shop window as a grade B which meant you got less for an item, I’ve had cex refuse to buy a Nokia because they claimed to not buy them in when the website sells them and offers to to buy them, the same happened when I tried to trade in a camcorder.

This is by far the worst company to deal with and the only way that you get more rights buying from them is if you buy via their website because you have 15 days by law to return the items under the cooling off period if it’s faulty or you are not happy with it or it’s quality you can return it and they seem to honour

Trading standards should look in to this company

Research UK consumer law, know your rights and if cex or any other company deny you of your consumer rights called CAB citizens advice or take them to court

It’s simple just go to money claim online or your local small claims court and fill out the paper if you think you have a strong case against them or get a solicitor

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Cex Stores Used

101-103 High Street, KA7 1QL Ayr

43 George St, Croydon CR0 1LB

90 High Street, Ashford (Kent)

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