eBay Nintendo Switch Scam review

This is a review of one of the low priced listings on eBay

Yesterday evening a eBay member was trying to sell Brand New £250 Nintendo Switches buy it now for £57.98

We are not making any accusations against the seller but it seems very suspicious

Today you look at the item number and the items gone, so had the previous positive feedbacks where people claimed to be happy with their Nintendo switches

I suspect it was either a hacked account or a scam but the member didn’t seem to get banned

3 of the switches had sold at £57.98 according to the listing so we wonder what happens to the buyers money who brought these items

Either way glad if a item seems very cheap and too good too be true, it probably is too good to be true

I can’t help but wonder how many poor people get scammed online on any website this time of the year, no one deserves to be scammed