Trustpilot review 2019

Trustpilot review update

Trustpilot fast accuse you of having multiple accounts and being the same user when your household shop at cex

Several people live in this house hole, we all have cex accounts we are all individuals

When people live in the same household they use the same broadband and share the same IP address

There is nothing in the trustpilot terms and conditions that prohibits more than one account per household

Trustpilot sucks

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Trustpilot not so trustworthy

Over the past two years I’ve made purchases from cex online and each time cex invited me to leave reviews on trustpilot, every review was a confirmed purchase

Today trustpilot removed all of the genuine reviews from confirmed purchases we made

A number of times cex invite me to leave a trust pilot review with my confirmed purchases

They are always confirmed reviews on trustpilot

If we have problems with cex we leave a negative review and trustpilot have removed all of our legitimate, confirmed purchase reviews

Trustpilot mass remove damming reviews, so next time you read trustpilot and see all those outstanding reviews, know that most of the severe reviews have been removed by trustpilot

People have recently taken to trustpilot to air their concerns

I don’t believe trustpilot at impartial and maybe they work with companies likes cex to remove the really bad publicity / reviews for cex

We at believed in trustpilot and was let down, my question is how much did cex pay you to remove our genuine and confirmed views from genuine purchases?

We will contact trustpilot for comment



we were contacted by Brittany who stated our reviews must follow the guidelines

Our review did follow the guidelines, it was a genuine review from personal experience it was a genuine confirmed purchase, it was a honest review

The review stated the following

We brought an Apple TV Remote from Cex nearly 1 week passed and despite the item being shipped special delivery parcel had not arrived and cex had ignored emails about this

We have emailed Trustpilot Press office in the UK for comment and will update this page as it unfolds

We have tried calling trustpilot however the phone just rings and takes you back to the main option menu after 3 mins of holding and goes around in a loop like a broken record.

As you can see from our screenshot

There is nothing wrong with our review and here is the proof

As you can see it’s been saying out for delivery, the item was sent special delivery and cex confirmed the purchase

Here is proof that trustpilot remove genuine negative reviews